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I always wonder why people don’t see the beauty in horses that I see. There was once a quote I heard from somebody:

Horses. If God invented something more beautiful, he kept it to himself.

I have always loved that set of words, mainly because I really agree. I’ve spent years hearing from people around me; and in those years, I really felt that few understood the beauty horses had to offer to this world. Many thought that horses were just scary and too big, while other believed horses were evil just because their manure (dung) smelled bad. I always laughed at that. I did realize that it smelled bad, but I never really thought about it. Once you were in the stable, you never really paid attention to such things. There were, however, always a few exceptions. I called them the horsegirls. I’ll admit that from the start, I was always a horse girl, but lots of girls weren’t.

The horse girls were always the kinds of girls that wore horsey t-shirts to school, biked home on their pink-and-horse bikes, and talked horse. They would always talk about how pretty they were, how majestic they seemed, and how they were just so cool. They never did talk about how horses were ridden, what that felt like, and the last equestrian World Cup scores. I am a horse girl, but I am more the kind that treasures them actually being there, feeling them, and being on them. I wanted to tell you about what it felt like. What being a horse girl in my eyes really was. Because it isn’t just seeing them. It’s being them.


The first time I ever rode a horse was when I was three, at a zoo horsey-go-round or something like that. I guess I was pretty smitten, because I signed up for lessons soon after. It’s funny that I never remember anything that I felt back then on top of a horse. I guess I was just proud, excited, and maybe nervous. Now, I always feel like my mare is my majestic steed, and I’m the poofed-up damsel in the clouds of happiness (I have to admit that there is one setback to riding: the usually unfashionable clothing).

I can’t name more than this to the feelings that you experience on a horse: happiness, excitement, wonder, thrill, amazement, and most of all, flying (okay, maybe I could name more). But being an equestrian is like signing up for flying lessons, only when you look down you don’t see the dead drop of nothing. You see the past, the wonders and thrills that you experienced. It is, in my opinion, a way to live. Just riding, being there, and feeling. Lots of people still wouldn’t understand me when I said this, but I will: horses are there for the world to bow upon. They’re there to fly, with the world looking at you. Horses are there to live. To live life with.

I feel like I’m being repetitive.

But then, it could be viewed as sensible….



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